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1. Choosing a unit

With sizes to fit every need, it can be tricky pick the perfect size for you. So, when it comes to finding the perfect unit, start by renting the smallest unit that you that will fit your need, you can always transfer to a larger size!

2. Be prepared

Gather all your packing and moving materials including boxes, tape, markers and labels. Choosing uniform, sturdy boxes that hold at minimum 25lbs to 30lbs will help to keep your belongs secure. Do not over fill boxes or pack them so they are too heavy to lift.

3. Create an inventory list and label your boxes.

Number, label and inventory your boxes. Label all four side of your box with a number and content list. Create a list of your boxes with showing their location in the unit and their contents, keep this with you or at a safe location.  

4. Prepare your unit

Place a protective cover on the floor of your unit and palette or 2x4s between the floor and your belongs. This will help to protect your items in case the concrete floor becomes cold and damp, as well as protect the floor from any spills or damage. 

5. Remove all un-storable items

Remove all liquids, perishables, flammable liquids and explosive items. These items cannot be stored. They can damage your belongs and the unit. Please call our office with any questions. 

7. Stack & organize your boxes

Stack heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top. Place electronics near the back of the unit. Wrap all fragile items in cardboard and marked as “FRAGILE”. Try to leave an isle down the middle of your unit for easy access. 

8. Use all available space

 Furniture with drawers makes great, extra storage space. Use all the storage space you have available. Don’t forget to write down where you put items! 

9. Sofas, Loveseats & stuffed furniture

Sofas and loveseats can be stored on their end to conserve space. Be sure to cover the cushions and wrap the furniture in place to protect against dust. Avoid placing heavy or sharp object on cushion. 

10. Mattress & Tables

Cover mattresses and store them propped up on their end. Be sure they are stored straight, without bends so they do not develop lumps. Remove all table legs and store the table on its side.